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About Us

The CineDreams International Film Festival (CDIFF) is inaugurating its maiden edition in Mumbai, the beating heart of India’s cinematic landscape. We’ve chosen Mumbai not just because it’s home to the Hindi film industry, but also because it’s a vibrant hub for Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, and other regional cinema. This city houses not only actors but a plethora of technical professionals who breathe life into films. 

The vision behind CDIFF is to create a global convergence of filmmakers from all linguistic backgrounds. By bringing everyone under one roof, we hope to foster a sense of community where artists can appreciate each other’s work, network, and potentially collaborate on future projects. More than just showcasing films, we aim to highlight the rich tapestry of stories that reflect the zeitgeist of our times and convey meaningful messages that resonate across cultures. Given that I myself am a writer, producer, director, and distributor, I deeply understand the aspirations of budding talents in the film industry. The CineDreams International Film Festival is our endeavor to provide a nurturing platform for these emerging artists. We aim for it to be a place where their dreams get a chance to shine, where good work is recognized, and where the future of cinema looks brighter than ever. Additionally, we believe that such an initiative will not only promote quality filmmaking but also boost tourism and business opportunities in our country


CDIFF Cine Dreams International Film Festival will take place as a physical edition in Mumbai, India from August 27th to August 29th, 2024.

 The CDIFF team will only be in touch with a single individual who is the Primary Contact Person for the entire submission process. Cine Dreams International Film Festival 2024 would ideally want the producer / rights holder of the film to fill the application form. However, if for any reason, they are not able to fill the form, any other person filling it will have to obtain the necessary permission from the producer / rights holder of the film.

Yes. You can select multiple sections you wish to apply for in the application form.

No. CDIFF does not accept submission of a web-series or a pilot episode of a web series. The Festival is only open to films.

Your film can be in any language/multiple languages as long as it has English subtitles. The application has a list of languages you can choose from. You can choose multiple languages. In case the language of your film is not represented please choose ‘Other’ and mention the language of your film in the ‘Notes’ section at the end of the form.

No. Films submitted in any form to earlier editions of the festival are ineligible to apply again to this edition. A film that has been withdrawn from participation in earlier editions cannot be re-submitted to this edition.

The application process for CDIFF for all the sections is an online process. You can simply click on submission button on our websites a submission form will be opened. You will be expected to fill the online form with the required details and pay your application fees to submit an application successfully. On successful submission of the application (including payment), you will recive a conformation message from the Cinedreams IFF which will be sent to you by email on your given address. Your email will be the primary mode of contact with CDIFF, any update regarding the event will be shared on your given email address only.

If you are still working on your film and cannot send a link for the selection committee to watch by 31st July, 2024, you can finish the application form and pay the fees by the date to avail the early bird discount. You can send the link of the film by the deadline, i.e. 30th June, 2024 via email In that case, you can write ‘To be submitted by july 31th’ in the application form fields where you are supposed to paste the link and the password of the film.

This could be a bank issue. Please use incognito mode or clear your browser cache and retry after a few hours. In case the problem persists, please email us on with a screen-shot of the issue and our team shall assist you further.

The application fee for Cine Dreams International Film Festival is mandatory and shall not be refunded under any circumstances. 

During the application, the filmmakers need to submit a single downloadable preview screener link of their film along with the application form. Applicants can submit the movie through Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive or Film Freeway link.

Large watermark on the film image hampers the viewing experience. If at all you wish to add a watermark, please make sure that it is small in size, at the corner of the frame and not across it.

No. Please do not reach out to the programmers separately if you submit your film for CDIFF. The team intimates the programmers about all the submissions to the festival.

Yes. CDIFF has a dedicated team of film programmers who watch every complete submission

Programming is a time consuming and complex process. Programmers appreciate not to be disturbed and not be under scrutiny during the process of selection of films. The programmers/selection committee members are only answerable to the Festival Director / Artistic Director with regards to their opinion of the film, which is confidential.

CDIFF requests for a downloadable link of the film so that we are able to follow the process to its best conclusion. Hence, we request filmmakers not to speculate whether we are watching the films or not. It is in our interest to make the best selection possible. For that, we will watch all the films submitted.


27th & 28th August 2024


PVR, Juhu

Award Ceremony

29th August 2024

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