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Submissions are now open!


Submission FAQs

Please Check these details before uploading your movie!
  • Eligibility
    • Films made from 1st Jan 2000 to 31st July 2024 are eligible.
    • All Languages and All Formats are accepted
  • Film can be entered by any organization / agency or by individual film Producer /Director who holds the copyright and/or authority by proxy. There is no restriction on number of entries.

Accepted Movie List –

  • Regional Movies
  • Feature length Indian Movies
  • International Movies
  • Short films
  • Animated Movie
  • Documentary

Any other movie type is not eligible for sumission

Submission Dates (8-Feb-2024 to 31-July-2024): 
ii) Film makers from other Countries– US $25
iii) Indian film makers– INR 1,500
Bank Account Details 
Bank Of India (A/C Details)017320110000280
IFSC CodeBKID0000173
Andheri Lokhandwala West Mumbai.400053 
UPI IDcinedreamsiff@oksbi
QR Code 
    • How to Apply?
      • a) Online Entry – Entry Form for 1st CDIFF 2024 is active w.e.f. 08-02-2024 and is available on Cdiff Offical Website No entries will be accepted offline.

    b) Procedure -Applicant has to fill up the required fields and make the payment and add the link to uploaded movie in the form. 

  • Applicants can submit the movie through Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive or Film Freeway link.
  • Click here for Film Freeway Link

    Rules And Regulations

    • Application Form

      • There is only one application form for all formats of projects. These are the rules & regulations for the above sections. Please read them carefully before filling out the application form
      • An applicant should ideally be the Primary Contact Person who will be the main point of contact for all future communications regarding their submission to the festival. The email address and phone number provided by the Primary Contact Person in the first stage of the application form shall be regarded as the single-point contact information between CDIFFand the applicant. The form will ask the applicant to specify their relationship to the film (for example, producer/sales agent, etc). Kindly ensure that the Primary Contact Person is easily reachable at all times and prompt in replying to emails.
      • The confirmation email sent to the Primary Contact person upon successful submission of the application form will also be forwarded to the producer/s of the film. Hence, kindly provide the names and contact details of all the producers of the film in the application form. The same will be applicable if the film is invited by the festival.
      • The contact details of the Rights Holder (who may be the applicant) will be published in the festival catalogue if the film gets selected. This could be the producer/sales agent of the film who will be able to respond to potential future queries by international film professionals.
      • Please do not use ALL CAPS to fill out the application form. Kindly fill out the form in Proper Font. For example, if the title of your film is ‘Dilli Dark’, please write it as ‘Dilli Dark’ and not as ‘DILLI DARK’.
      • The application form is optimised for a computer screen. Kindly ensure that you fill out the application form using a desktop/laptop computer and not a mobile phone.
      • This is a form that can be filled in stages. Kindly make sure that you click on the ‘?’ icon in the application form wherever it appears for the specific instructions related to the field. The form need not be filled in one go. You can save the information by clicking the button ‘Save Work and Finish Later’ at the bottom of the application form.
      • In case, a mandatory field in the application form does not apply to you, please write ‘NA’ (Not Applicable). Do not leave it blank or else the submission process will not move forward.
      • Word limits are to be adhered to wherever mentioned in the application form. CDIFF reserves the right to shorten and/or edit the text for publication of film information in the festival catalogue.
      • Completed applications need to be submitted by the given deadline. CDIFF will not take responsibility for the exclusion of films if complete information is not supplied by the deadline.
      • The application will be accepted only upon payment of the mandatory application fee.
      • By submitting the application form to CDIFF the applicant hereby certifies, on behalf of all third parties involved, that they have read and understood the rules and regulations listed, that they are legally authorised to submit the film to Cine Dreams International Film Festival 2024 and that the information given by the applicant is true and correct. The applicant indemnifies CDIFFagainst any claims to the contrary.
      • In case of any queries regarding submissions, please refer to the FAQs. In case you have a specific query not covered by the FAQs, please send an email, with the subject as Original Title of the film. For example, if your film name is ‘Eeb Allay Ooo!’, the subject of your email should be ‘Eeb Allay Ooo!’


      Note – The filmmaker can indicate their preferred section in the application form but Cine Dreams International Film Festival reserves the right to program the film in any section if selected. If the film is selected, the festival will send an invitation mentioning the section in which the film will be presented. The selection committee is the sole decision-maker of the section in which a selected film is screened. On accepting this invitation, the film will be announced in the selection.

      1. When a film is screened for the general public, ticket-buying audience or is advertised, it is considered a public screening. This includes film festivals, theatrical releases, and films released on video / DVD / television / internet / VOD. A public screening could be a paid or a free screening. Any screening listed on any print literature or internet announcing the film with a date, time, and venue and is open to the general or specific public, will be counted as a public screening.

      A screening for the cast and crew, producers, and/or distributors of the film will be considered as a private preview. Films that have had private previews are eligible to apply. Films that have had screenings at a film market are also eligible to apply.

      1. Participation at other international festivals outside India and/or applying to the National / State Film Awards (2025), India, does not ensure entry into the festival.

      CBFC and Exemption from Film Certification

      1. Films applying to the festival do not require a certification from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) of India.
      2. In case a film already has a CBFC certification, only the certified version will be considered for screening.
      3. For films not having certification, the screening will be subject to an exemption from the Ministry of I&B, Govt. of India. The festival will apply for this exemption on behalf of the selected films.
      4. The filmmaker has to keep us informed about the certification status at the time of submission of the film.
      5. If the film has applied to receive a Certification during the selection process and the film does get selected for Cine Dreams International Film Festival 2024, the festival will not ask the Ministry of I&B for an exemption on behalf of the film. The onus lies with the filmmaker to obtain the certification before the festival dates and only the certified version of the film will be screened.
      6. All certified films selected for the festival should display the certificate at the beginning of their films within their DCPs.
      7. All the film screenings at CDIFF will have to have either an exemption from the Ministry of I&B or a CBFC certificate.

      For further information on film certification in India, please visit

      Completion Stage/Date

      1. Films that are work-in-progress at the time of application are accepted under the following conditions –
        1. The film will be completed with a ready DCP by July 31th, 2024.
        2. The submitted version will be the only version watched by the selection committee. Once submitted as a work-in-progress film and if not selected, the completed film will be ineligible to apply in the following year or for any future editions of the festival, in any other form.
      1. Films submitted in any form to earlier editions of the festival are ineligible to apply again to this edition. A film that has been withdrawn from participation in earlier editions cannot be re-submitted to this edition.


      1. All films have to be submitted directly to Cine Dreams International Film Festival 2024 only through the online application process. No requests for private screenings to selection committee members will be entertained. No film links sent via email without filling out the application form will be considered for selection.
      1. The festival has a policy of no fee waivers. All the submitted films will have to pay the application fee.
      1. The festival will not provide feedback on films or share specific reasons for rejection of any film.
      1. CDIFF accepts submissions and payment of fees only via the online application form. No individual/s claiming to be a part of the CDIFFteam can be offered or can accept any payment to program the film in the festival. If any individual/s approaches you with any such offers, kindly do keep us informed so that we can verify the work claimed to be carried out by the individual/s.
      1. The Primary Contact Person will be notified about the selection of the film for Cine Dreams International Film Festival Film 2024 at the end of the selection process. No information will be divulged before that.
      1. If selected, the representatives of the selected film must keep this information confidential (including on social media) till the official press conference of the Cine Dreams International Film Festival 2024, where the final list of selected films will be announced. Breach of this will make the selection of the film liable to be cancelled.
      1. The Artistic Director of Cine Dreams International Film Festival reserves the right to settle all cases not covered by the guidelines and to grant exceptions in special cases. All cases will be governed by and construed in all respects following the laws of India and settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mumbai. The Artistic Director also reserves the right to remove any film from the selection in any special cases as deemed by the festival.



      Media Accepted for Selection

      1. The festival only accepts downloadable & password-protected online screeners (Vimeo link preferred). Please include the film link in your application form. If Vimeo is not possible, please send us a downloadable Google Drive link without a password. As the film has to be accessible to our selection committee, please ensure the Google Drive settings enable it to be accessible to anyone who clicks on the link. We do not accept any film screener link submission via any other methods.

      Please make sure that the size of the film file you send via the link is less than 5 GB.

      1. To avail of the Early Bird rates, you can fill out the application form, make the payment before the Early Bird Deadline, and then submit the film link before the regular Deadline via email. In such cases, you can write ‘To be submitted later’ in the preview link field of the application form.
      1. Kindly do not send the link to the film via email without completing the application form.
      1. The password-protected film screener link must be active at least till 15th August 2024.
      1. Please do not send links where an email login is required to access the film screener. (For example: Withoutabox, Cinando, Filmfreeway, etc.)
      1. Please note that we require the film to be played in its entirety and therefore require a link to a single video. Multiple links for the same film will not be accepted.
      1. If at all you wish to add a watermark on your film image, please make sure that it is small in size, at the corner of the frame and not across it.
      1. All online film files will be destroyed / deleted immediately after the selection process of the festival is completed.
      1. All films have to be submitted in their original version with English subtitles. If the original version of the film is in English, English subtitles are still required. The cost of subtitling is the sole responsibility of the Producer.
      1. Dubbed versions of films in other languages are not eligible for submission.



      Deadline and Payment

      1. A submission fee is applicable to all entries submitted to the festival. Payment can be made online after the form has been completed. The applicants from India can make payment in INR and the applicants from the rest of the world can pay in USD. Details of this are at the end of the entry form once you reach the payment page.
      1. The INR payments can be made through credit card, debit card, bank transfer or UPI. Payment in USD can be made only through a credit card or debit card.
      1. This fee is non-refundable and includes all transaction charges of the payment gateway.
      1. The fee structure is given below: These rates are subject to Indian tax laws and global exchange rates. All figures are rounded off to the nearest decimal.
      1. A submission is considered complete when ALL the following criteria are met. Only on acknowledgement of receipt of all three criteria is the submission considered complete.
      • A correctly filled online submission form
      • The film screener reaches the festival team
      • Realisation of payment of submission fees
      1. The deadline for completed entry forms, payment of submission fees, and submission of the online film screener to the festival must be strictly observed. The last date for completing the submission is July 31th, 2024.



      Format and Storage of the Film

      1. The festival accepts work-in-progress submissions subject to the following conditions:
        1. The version of the film submitted with the application form will be the ONLY version considered by the selection committee and the programmers for the festival.
        2. For a selected film, a DCP of the FINAL VERSION of the film must reach the festival team 30 days before the start date of the festival i.e. 31st August 2024. Once a DCP of a film is submitted, the festival will not consider any other version or a second DCP of the film for screening.
        3. If the final version of the film fails to arrive on time, the film will be disqualified and will not be eligible for the current and future editions of the festival.
      1. For selected films, only DCP projection formats are accepted. If your film is selected and upon acceptance of the invitation from your end, the festival team will get in touch with you with detailed instructions regarding the submission of your DCP and other materials required for the festival.
      1. If selected, the festival will bear the costs for the storage and insurance of the DCP for the period during which the film is with the festival.
      1. In the event of any apparent damage to the DCP after it has been sent back from the festival office, the corresponding damage report and/or compensation claim must be received by the festival within 14 days after receipt of the media.
      1. If any damages are incurred on a DCP of a film, no claims will be entertained (even within the 14-day window after receipt of the media) if the DCP/print has been used in the interim between the return of the print by the festival and the date of claim.



      Official Laurel and Publicity

      1. All selected films will receive a digital laurel of the festival upon acceptance of the invitation. This laurel has to be a part of the final DCP before the film begins.
      2. Award-winning films will receive the appropriate laurel with the name of the award post the festival.

      The laurels should be displayed in all advertising and promotional material of the film for any future public screenings. These should also be clearly visible for theatrical release as well as for Video/DVD/Digital distribution in India and abroad.


        • I hereby declare and affirm that I am the producer, owner and rights holder of the Film and its content, and all rights associated with or relating to the Film and its content which I am submitting for the Cine Dreams International Film Festival 2024 (the “Film Festival”).


      I declare and affirm that I have obtained the necessary permission from the producer, owner and rights holder of the Film to use the content relating to the Film to submit it for the Film Festival.

        • I further declare and confirm that Film and its content does not (i) infringe any copyright, patent, or other right or constitute the misappropriation of any trade secret, trademark of any Third party proprietary rights, and/or (ii) violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.
        • I acknowledge that I have obtained the necessary consent, permissions, and approvals relating to the Film and its content including without limitation promotional materials, and synopsis to be submitted and screened at the Film Festival.
        • I hereby confirm that it is my sole responsibility to clear the Film and its content from any and all actual or potential legal claims and issues, including, without limitation, claims based upon theories of libel, racism, blasphemy, defamation, invasion of privacy, violation of rights of publicity, theft of trade secrets, breach of confidence, breach of confidential relationship, and breach of express or implied contract (“Third Party Claim(s)”). I accept that the Film Festival disavows any responsibility for, and will not be held responsible for, any unauthorised inclusion of any content or materials within or

      relating to the submitted Film that are or may be the basis for any Third-Party Claims based upon any of the foregoing legal theories or others.

        • I confirm that I have not done or caused to be done or omitted to do or caused to be omitted to be done, any act that has resulted or might result in the abandonment or impairment of such right, title, interest, intellectual property right including copyright, permission, or approval for the Film and its content.
        • I acknowledge that the selection of the Film for the Cine Dreams International Film Festival 2024 is at the sole discretion of CDIFF and CDIFF reserves the right to disqualify any Film, with or without any reasons, and without refund of any or all submission fees or entry fees.
        • I agree and accept that the Film, and its content including without limitation promotional materials, synopsis shall be rendered accessible to third-party partners and evaluation committees associated with the Film Festival as well as to consultants of the Film Festival.
        • If the film is selected and thereafter upon accepting the invitation from the festival, I hereby irrevocably grant to CDIFF and the Film Festival the right to screen the Film and exhibit the stills and posters of the Film on digital and physical platforms of the Film Festival, and to screen, publicise, advertise and promote the Film on digital and physical platforms of the Film Festival; in connection with any advertising and promotional efforts of CDIFF during the Film Festival.
        • I hereby affirm and declare that all rights granted hereunder are and will be free and clear of liens, encumbrances, or claims of every kind and all royalty and licence fees required now or in the future to be paid in connection there with are or will be paid by me.
        • I hereby irrevocably grant to CDIFF the right to sublicense any or all of the foregoing rights to one or more third parties (as may be required) only for the purpose of promotion, advertising and/or publicising of the Film and for editorial coverage of the Film Festival.
        • I agree that the stills, posters or other promotional materials of the Film could be used as per the Film Festival’s requirements to advertise and promote the Film solely for the purpose of Film Festival.
        • I agree that the Film Festival reserves the right to shorten and/or edit the text of the synopsis for the purpose of publication of Films in the Film Festival catalogue.
        • I undertake not to hold CDIFFor the Film Festival liable for any loss or damage caused to Film, and its content including without limitation promotional materials, and synopsis that I may upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available with the Film Festival.



        • I agree that I have no rights to make use of CDIFF’s intellectual property (including, but not limited to trademarks belonging to CDIFF) which I may access during the Film Festival.
        • I hereby indentify and hold Cine Dreams International, the Film Festival and its sponsors and third-party licensors and suppliers and each of their trustees, members, directors, officers and employees; harmless against any claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal cost) obtained against, imposed upon, suffered or incurred by CDIFF due to or arising out of (i) necessary clearances, permissions, approvals not obtained by me, and/or (ii) screening of the Film at the Film Festival, the platform, the software, the website, and/or (iii) any breach of the Rules & Regulations and this Acknowledgement provided by me and/or (iv) claims relating to piracy, theft or infringement of any third party intellectual property rights, and/ or (v) any Third-Party Claims.
        • I hereby covenant that CDIFF, the Film Festival and its sponsors and third-party licensors and suppliers and each of their trustees, members, directors, officers and employees shall not be liable for any special, punitive, consequential, incidental, or exemplary damages (including lost or anticipated revenues or profits relating to the same or attorneys’ fees) arising from any claim relating to the Rules & Regulations or any of the rights granted here under, or Applicant’s failure to perform any obligation under this Rules & Regulations or for the use of the Film and its content at the Film Festival.

      I, the Applicant, agree to have read and accepted the Rules & Regulations for participation in the Cine Dreams International Film Festival 2024.

    Code of Conduct

    At Cine Dreams IFF, we are committed to creating a safe space for all our stakeholders, including our employees, audiences, guests, partners, media, vendors, and all those who are connected with us through ancillary work. For us, safety means creating environments and experiences that are entirely free from any form of bias, harassment, discrimination, or bullying, irrespective of one’s gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, caste, class, age, or ability.

    We strongly believe that everyone has the right to respect. Cine Dreams IFF employees and volunteers are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for all of our attendees. If the safety of our guests is in question, we will take immediate steps to ensure the matter is addressed. We also expect guests to cooperate and follow the rules and regulations that are defined to enhance their festival experience. At all points in time, we recommend that our guests follow instructions related to the following:

    1. Do not create any kind of noise or issues that may hamper other people’s film-watching experience.
    2. Do not push around people in the line, and always maintain a safe distance.
    3. Do not disrupt the experience of film watching by being on your mobile phone inside the film theatre.
    4. Please do not indulge in any illegal activities related to piracy.
    5. Please follow the guidance and instructions provided by the volunteers at the festival.
    6. Wear the festival badge at all points in time.
    7. Always book your seat in advance before arriving at the screening.
    8. Please do not litter any of the festival spaces.
    9. Report any unethical conduct at <insert the email ID>.
    10. Enjoy the films and all the other experiences curated at the festival for you.

    CINE DREAMS INTERNATIONAL Festival is designed keeping all our stakeholders in mind, and we work with a singular purpose to make sure each of our stakeholders has a great experience with and at the festival. However, we would like to underline that we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, threats, or violence of any kind. Failure to adhere to the Cine Dreams IFF protocols is considered a violation of this Code of Conduct. We retain the right to revoke tickets, passes, credentials, or access to the film festival, associated events, and venues without prior notice or refunds for individuals who do not comply with these guidelines. Cine Dreams IFF encourages all attendees to actively contribute to a welcoming and inclusive environment. See you at the festival!

    Note: All the above information is subject to change without notice.

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